Zombie FU: The Apocalyptic Mayhem

Run for your life as the horde of the Undead gain on you to gobble up your brains.

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Game Features

To make the game more exciting we have geared the game with some exciting features

  • Run for your life as hell is unleashed in FU city to an exciting Post-Apocalyptic adventure
  • Earn skull coins, achievements and unlockable items on the go to vanquish the Living Corpses
  • Scoot your way the Zombie Mob by using weapons like Bikes, Jetpacks and blowing them up with fireballs.
  • Become the ultimate survivor and use controls to Dodge ’n ’Run the dark forces.

Various Zombies

Application Exclusive Screenshots

Get a sneakpeak of the Apocalyptic mayhem and our Lone Survivor on his way through the Zombie horde.


Play Zombie FU and make your way through the Apocalyptic nightmare that started in FU City.

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